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In the early 2000s, Heather worked at a bridal shop in Trexlertown, PA. She went from bagging dresses to being a consultant. One of the most frequently asked questions she received was “how do I go to the bathroom in this thing?”

There was no easy answer. Take the dress off? Convince your bridesmaids to help you in the stall? Ask your mother-in-law to help? Okay, maybe not...

Heather was soon on a mission to save the brides of the world from having a horrible bathroom bridal experience, one Bridal Buddy® at a time.

In early 2015, after putting her dreams on hold to raise a family, Heather found an early prototype sitting on the floor in the basement and thought: it’s time!

Bridal Buddy® was launched mid 2015 at a local radio station with a Facebook video that quickly garnered over 200K views. Bridal Buddy® went on to win "Best New Product" at David Tutera's Your Bridal Experience Show in Philadelphia after a demonstration video went viral with over 2M views.

Heather's Bridal Buddy® has been featured on The Steve Harvey Show, countless local television stations, magazines, and most recently ABC's Shark Tank! Bridal Buddy's® sales have skyrocketed and continue to grow with each appearance and feature.