We all need bumps in the road

Heather Stenlake

As I sat down with my oldest daughter, Kacie (12) tonight, I explained to her that life ahead of her is going to be full of bumps in the road. Full of mistakes & disappointments, as well as Joy, love and laughter. I let her know that tonight I experienced a HUGE bump in the road, and after hearing some pretty disappointing news from a very well known American TV show and it's potential investors, I was not happy. I felt sad, disappointed, angry and just downright pissed.

After I had my "pity party" for myself, crying it out and filling some tissues, I found encouragement- as always, in the positive people I surround myself with. Kacie hugged me. My Garett, Marissa & my Mom were there to cheer me on- and to let me know Bridal Buddy is going to be stronger than ever. Even with a bump in the road.

Each of us need to know that the road to success is filled with potholes and bumps. Big ones, little ones, and maybe even some nail strips to pop your tires. But it's up to us to either sit in the pity party with all of that cake, feeling sorry for ourselves- or getting up and going bigger and better than we've ever gone. God gives us great opportunities to learn. It's up to us whether we want to use those opportunities to pull ourselves ahead to our greatest potential. Where we can not only pull ourselves, but those around us to their highest potential as well.

My goal remains steadfast. My Team and I will bring Bridal Buddy to Brides worldwide. I know there is disappointment and joy ahead, and I am ready.

Bring it, 2017. Bridal Buddy is about to burst at the seams.


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