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Heather Stenlake

     So many things have happened this past year for Bridal Buddy - and I couldn't be more proud of my team. It's been a whirlwind year and I'll never forget how fortunate and blessed I am. From our viral videos, to appearing on the Steve Harvey show in Chicago, meeting loads of great entrepreneurs and finding mentors along the way. Meeting David Tutera and winning "Best new Product" in Philadelphia was mind blowing. Visiting Los Angeles was very exciting (more details to come) along with our trip to New York City to attend International Bridal week. It's more than anyone could ask for- and looking back about 10 years- I never thought I would be here today. Yet, there was a fire burning inside of me that knew I was meant to do something great.

     Before I had my children, I was so driven to become rich and successful. I could do it- and I was going to find a way. But to be honest- after I had my children, and being in a marriage that didn't work out for a variety of reasons- my views on life, money and success changed. I realized, I don't NEED to be rich in money and possessions to be successful. Sure, money is great- but what I Prayed for was independence, strength and wisdom. The freedom to be myself without anyone telling me who or what to be- and most of all- love and respect from people I surround myself with. The day I realized this-and asked for it out loud- was the day things turned around for me. But I had to believe I was worthy of it.

     Each and every one of us are worthy of these things. Every one of us. Each of us deserve to have what we want in life to make us happy and content. I'm still on my journey- and I am learning so much. Never settle. I teach my children constantly: "You don't ask- you don't get." Sounds very simple- but believe it. Write your goals and wants on paper and stick it on a mirror or your wall. Look at them every day and say it out loud. You'll start to believe it.

Heather Stenlake

Inventor- The Bridal Buddy

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