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Crohn's Disease and The Bridal Buddy

Heather Stenlake

Written by Marissa - our model and blog writer


I first heard about Crohn's Disease during an art critique my freshman year in college. We had been tasked with drawing a self-portrait. The most striking and skillfully drawn of them all depicted the artist gnawing on a cob of corn. Upon closer inspection, it is her teeth that are soft, yellow kernels of corn and the cob into which she is biting is made of pink gum-flesh and jagged teeth.

"I have Crohn's," she elaborated when asked. "Eating corn is like eating glass."

Crohn's belongs to the family of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD). According to the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA), approximately 1.6 million Americans suffer from IBD, with 700,000 cases being diagnosed each year. Estimates in Europe are as high as 2.5 million. Side effects can include severe pain, ulcers on the intestinal wall, malabsorption of nutrients leading to malnutrition, and the sudden, irrepressible urge to go to the bathroom.

Not making it to the bathroom in time is possibly one of the most nightmarish scenarios in existence. The idea of not making it to the bathroom in time on your wedding day is enough to make most people break out into a cold sweat. But this is just a harsh fact of life for those suffering from Crohn's and other related diseases. The possibility is forever dangling overhead like the Sword of Damocles, the hair by which it is tied only one misguided spinach puff away from snapping.

We receive a lot of great feedback on our product, but some people always ask, 'Is this really necessary?'

For some people, it really is. Medical conditions aside there are plenty of folks who can hardly bear to use a public restroom for fear of being overheard, let alone invite friends into the stall with them. There are a thousand reasons why someone might want independence and privacy in the bathroom. But out of all the rave reviews that came pouring in, it was the messages from our customers with Crohn's that stood out. Their tremendous relief and satisfaction at having some power over the situation was shining through from every post.

Those precious few minutes of trying to track down someone in your wedding party to help you navigate the logistics of using the bathroom in an enormous gown might not be an option for some people. As those who have the disease will tell you, every second counts. And for those people, the Bridal Buddy is a good friend indeed.

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